Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taco Soup

This is my favorite Taco Soup. I'm not sure if that is because it tastes the best, because it is so simple, or because of the wonderful memories of who made this soup. I almost lived with a family my senior year in high school and 'the mom' made this soup often and I loved it.

I served it at a neighborhood Christmas party, along with this soup, and it was a hit.


1 lb. ground beef

1 onion or dried onion

3 cans kidney beans

3 cans stewed tomatoes

1 15 oz. can tomato sauce

1/2 - 1 package taco seasoning

2 T. sugar




sour cream


Brown ground beef with onion in pot. Mix in the beans (I sort of drain them. I'm not actually sure whether they should be drained or not), and the rest of the ingredients. Let simmer for a while. 20-30 minutes. Top with fritos, cheese, and sour cream and serve.

(P.S. I'll work on a better picture)


Leslie said...

This is the taco soup I make and we cant get enough of it! Its so yummy! Only thing different is I add a can of corn into it. You should try it. SUPER Good!

Scott / Lori said...

I thought the picture was great and I am going to make this! I need a new soup recipe to try and my kids would love to dip fritos in it! Thanks for posting.

Rebecca Adams said...

Looks so simple and inexpensive! Being inexpensive is always a bonus! I think I'm going to add this to my collection of recipes that I've gathered throughout the year. :)