Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pico de Gallo

I got this simple & classic pico de gallo recipe from none other than Pioneer Woman. It is delicioso and I could eat it for breakfast. In fact, it would be awesome on an omelet.  Or on most anything. The first time I made it, I used the food processor. Oops. Don't do that. Chopping by hand is essential. And I chop super small cause I don't like big chunks of things. Of course we ate it with chips but we also used it as a dressing for the enchiladas I made that night.


5 whole Plum (roma) Tomatoes  (I used roma!)
½ whole Large (or 1 Small) Onion (I used some yellow sweet onion but mostly red onion)
3 whole Jalapeno Peppers
Lime Juice
Salt To Taste

Chop jalapenos, tomatoes and onion (I love using some red and some sweet onion)  into a very small dice. (Leave seeds in your jalapenos for a hotter pico). Adjust amount of jalapenos to your preferred temperature. Next, chop up a nice-sized bunch of cilantro. Remove stems as best as you can. Place all of these ingredients together in a bowl. Stir.

Squeeze the juice of half of one lime into the bowl. Add salt to taste and stir again. Serve. I assume this will only stay good a few hours, but I really don't know for sure cause as soon as I make it, it is gone.