Monday, June 21, 2010

Lemon Water

My friend served this at a baby shower. She served it out of a large, cute, clear container and put limes in it. We make it often and leave it on the counter in a large drink container with a spigot. That way, everyone, including the 3 year old, enjoy it all day long. It is really good and refreshing. GREAT for summer.


5 quarts cold water
3 cups sugar
1 T. citric acid
1 T. lemon extract


Mix and serve.
(Add limes, lemons, raspberries or any fruit desired for extra flavor and a great appearance:)

*I found citric acid at a local health food store. It was $2.00 for about a cup and a half.


Scott / Lori said...

Sounds perfectly refreshing for a hot day like today. Mmmmm.

Lisa said...


Kristi said...

We had something like this at our wedding reception. Where do you buy citric acid? I have wanted this but never knew where to get the acid.